• Designed for offices with up to 50 users and supports up to 16 concurrent calls.
  • Supports up to 48 IP devices.
  • Two FXO analog PSTN connections and two FXS analog station ports.
  • SIP trunking, so the QX50 can connect directly to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) with no additional equipment.

The QX50 IP PBX is designed for your small office or self-sufficient branch with as many as 50 IP devices. This solution offers two FXO analog PSTN connections, two FXS analog station ports and supports up to 16 IP phones. The QX50 allows you to make up to 16 simultaneous IP calls. Also, this phone system is equipped with a built-in router with LAN and WAN ports to manage your office’s data network.

The QX50’s analog phone network connection ports make it possible to connect fax machines or retail point of sale stations; however, your everyday calls are routed through IP phones in order for your company to take advantage of the cost savings and breadth of VoIP features. For small business environments that are looking to migrate from an analog Key System to an IP PBX, the QX50 and its Call Park enhancements can emulate Key System features, yet still allow you to take advantage of PBX functions.

When rack-mounted and paired with an Epygi QX Gateway, power redundancy provides added protection. All products are guaranteed a One Year Warranty, an additional Three Year Warranty is available for purchase.